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C3 Course Deemed for KAM In Industrial Sales

objective of the course

By the  end of this course the participants would have acquired incremental skill-sets  Required for handling Multi - Location / Global accounts


To orient & equip  participants  for  mgmt  & growth of Key Accounts  by providing them   strategies for  both  sales and revenue linking  and  continual alignment

why this course

Corporates who understand the importance of specialised training process and are unable to cover all the facets that make up for grooming  of  A Key Acct Mgr

from whom

Regional Mgrs / NSM /  Capability Managers


Program delivery at ESSGEE’ s centres or at offsite centres



To impart KAM-Strategic Sales Mgmt & Growth  Techniques, Linking of Revenues



2 courses / year 12-15  participants/course Weekend course


Experienced Faculty members & Guest faculty on Skype Video Conferencing will grant by examples the knowledge, skills and build temperament  to assist participants  in   nurturing Key accounts / National accounts / Global accounts


One and half mth Only / Sat / Sun


14 hours/ weekend


TOTAL 49  hrs Classroom