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Our Relationship with  Empanelled Members - Recruiters

  • The empanelled member establishments would permit access and experience of 14 hours to the candidates so as to grant a platform to application of their learning’s & assist bridging of gap between Industry & education
  • These establishments would prefer candidates completing this course at Our Academy and hence a guided path from education to employment

  • Recommendation to transfer any financial benefit on joining directly to candidate to Lessen the Impact of His Course Investment ; is at the sole discretion of the Recruitment Policy of Empanelled Member.

  • The Academy prefers to align candidates to such establishments who are known for good recruitment policies.
  • Member establishments can be provided access to candidates who have not undergone experiential sales training in their organization too.


Empanelment  as  Possible Recruiters for C1 Course

For Empaneled Prospective Employers


  • To induct Industry ready professionals

  • A source of talent at a very low cost

  • Raw talent modelled for Any Industrial Product

  • To avoid the conventional track of recruitment and mismatch

  • To experience the candidate before hand

  • To entrust the training needs to a specialized centre which addresses needs of majority of market segments

  • To have their employees imparted with sales process knowhow from people in training

  • To concentrate on product knowhow

  • To minimize the Induction period

  • Possibility of having Stable Employer Employee Understanding over a greater period